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27/05 - 24/06 : Exhibition in"Cafuné Gallerie", in collaboration with "One night stand 2"

Video / Installation / Performance / Photo

Opened from Wednesday to Friday, from 14:00 to 19:00, except 14-16/06

Fabien Maheu is a french artist living in Berlin. His work is mixing stage performance, sound effect poetry, digital art, music and video. This exhibition shows some of his latests works, displaying a wide range of technical and esthetical concerns. Some pieces are narratives and dedicated to an inner search for poetic exploration, other are seemingly absurds, but actually strongly politically committed. The aesthetic and manufacturing of the artifacts goes from analog to computer graphics, showing a taste for boundaries crossing together with self-distanced humour.

Fabien Maheu will show some excerpts of his performance work in four evening events, using the occasion to invite some of his friends to perform with him




27 May, opening at 18:00, performance at 20:00 :

They ate the Earth (sound effect poetry and video performance)

By Fabien Maheu

This is the story of my encounter with Lila. The story of a funeral that went wrong. Then, a demon jumped from below the shrink. He wanted to battle. On my side, I wanted to leave the city before it sinks. Then I looked at my hand. Nobody holds my hand. Not even Lila.

A poetic and audiovisual performance in which the text mingles sounds of all kinds, music and images. A fascinated universe pops out from stage, with trembling anxiety and coloured emotions.



3rd June, opening at 18:00, performance at 20:00 :

Deep in the forest (sound effect poetry and video performance)

Video : Jean-François Guiton ( / Sound effect poetry, music : Fabien Maheu


The action takes place in Europe, somewhere, in an endless old-growth forest where majestic coast redwoods spread upwards. No road has been drawn throughout the forest because it isn’t particularly located between something and something else, one doesn’t feel the need to go through it, for any reason anyway. One faces boredom if one gets there by chance, and no one ever stays there.











10th June, opening at 18:00, performance at 20:00 :

AV Response (audio and video real time performance)

Music : Riccardo Castagnola ( / Video : Fabien Maheu

A performance based on abstracts motives, whether audio or video, built under the principle of a Cadavre exquis. The artists have been exercising their sensibility to mutual proposals, answering each other among weeks with new items, making the process of writing evolve, until a balance point they finally reached. The result is an absolute free-style composite, proposing to the viewer an hallucinated voyage in a digital and seemingly elusive environment.

24th June, opening at 18:00, performance at 20:00 :

Unflying Birds / 不飞的鸟 - Aperture (video-concert)

Vidéo : Fabien Maheu / Piano : Bernd Sandner

Based on the tones and inflections of mandarin language, the music performed live is using the voices of 6 personalities interviewed in Wuhan (theatre director, university teacher). These peoples were asked to tell their opinion about subjects such as environment, preservation of traditional culture, modern architecture and so on... A Chinese opera performer also improvise in an under doing renovation building, and a talented young actor tells us about one of his surrealistic sleeping dream. The video editing provides musical qualities to their speeches and illustrates the concern of life in big renewed Chinese cities with motion pictures shot in Wuhan and Beijing. The final form of the show is a video-concert.



Grainremix (audio and video real time performance)

Video : Nicolas Boillot ( / Music : Fabien Maheu

For this live improvisation, Nicolas Boillot will use video contents found on the Web as raw material. This "material" will be lacerated by a process of motion capture which will extract in real time fragment of movements. Those fragments are captured and recast, in a spatial-temporal way, on a twenty-four images loop. The accumulation process takes place within the contours of past images and the way pixels are then reorganised in real time produces a jagged image with unreal effects – a ghostly memory of the video flux, a colourful palimpsest where fragments of motion and time coexist. Fabien Maheu will accompany Nicolas with a granular synthesis sound creation.

21 / 03 / 2017 : Performace "Ils ont mangé la Terre", #poesienomade, la Nuit de la poésie 2017, Québec, Canada

08-31 / 03 / 2017 : Film screening "Du Blanc seulement", Traverses vidéo 2017, Toulouse, France


24 - 26 / 06 / 2016 : Video exhibition "Karneval", 48 Stunden Neuköln, Berlin, Germany


03 - 05 / 06 / 2016 : Video Exhibition "Ortstermin 2016, Flucht und Identität", Berlin, Germany

07 / 05 / 1016 : Video Exhibition "Kunst Lounge 7 / Auf Augenhöhe" in ART 15 Kûnstlerhause, Bremen, Germany

11 / 12 / 2105 : Les Cercles de confusion admissible, Screening premiere in Maison de la littérature, Québec, Canada

22 / 03 / 2014 : Que du blanc, 17 ranks theatre / 17排剧院, Wuhan, China

20 / 03 / 2014 : Que du Blanc, JUE Events from Fabien Maheu / 本位艺人参加的《觉》活动, Penghao Theater, Beijing, China


19 / 03 / 2014 : "White only" Workshop / 声效诗 – 工作坊, Beijing, China


21 / 02 / 2014 : Laura 404, Visages du Monde premiere, Cergy, France   

12 - 14 / 11 / 2013 : Que du Blanc, Le Monfort Théâtre, Paris, France


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